Tattoo Guidlines for MINORS 

 Not all tattoo shops tattoo minors. We do, as long as all the rules are followed. It is often a complicated process, as parents get involved in the design decisions. Not what we want. 

If a person is not mature enough to make their own appointment, and speak for themselves, then it is a bad idea to make the life long decision of getting a tattoo. 

We do not promote getting a tattoo before being able to pick out and pay for one on your own. It is a grown up action. 

Parents often agree to get their minor tattooed, so it will be sure that it is a quality tattoo. We understand, and want that, too. 

Kerry does his best to recommend good design ideas, and placement, so the tattoo
design will last a lifetime. 

Remember, tattoos age, so even 10 years from the tattoo (age 26 or 27) it will look good. But, it will be aged-so listen to Kerry when he tells you something is too tight, or it will bleed into a blob. He does not want that for anyone. His goal is to give all his clients quality, long lasting tattoos. 

Bulldog Tattoo complies with New Jersey state laws for tattooing minors.

You must be at least 16 years old
You must have a consent form notarized that your guardian agrees to the tattooing
You must have your guardian with you at the time of the consult and the tattooing 

We have our own rules for minors getting tattooed. They are:

You (the minor) must speak for yourself
The minor must make their own appointment
Have all disagreements about the tattoo straightened out before coming in for the consult-if there are questions about a design, or anything regarding tattooing ask us about it - do not argue 
Parents are not always correct when it comes to design ideas, neither is the minor 
We are not here to side with anyone
If the guardian does all the talking, we will not continue with the consult
the guardian cannot have input for exact body placement at the time of the tattoo-it is decided between Kerry and the client 
Kerry will decide what he is comfortable tattooing on a minor, and make appropriate suggestions

Bulldog Tattoo Guidelines      SCROLL DOWN FOR MINORS

Kerry has face to face consults with all new clients, before drawing, or tattooing them. This ensures that the tattoo design is completely decided upon, and no changes will be made, before he spends time on drawing, or design ideas. 

Kerry has experience of over 20 years of tattooing. He has been around the tattoo industry since his teenage years. 

When you decide to get a tattoo by a tattoo artist, it is not just what you want, but who is tattooing. Kerry posted nearly every tattoo he has done on his Instagram @kerrytat2 , since 2014. Look at his work, make sure you like his style. If it is for you, then this is place. If you need a recommendation for a different style, please ask, as we know other artists in our area, that we would be happy to refer you to. It makes everyone’s life much easier. Ask us-we will answer your questions. 

We require a deposit, in cash, for all tattoo appointments, if a Kerry needs to draw for the tattoo. If flash off the wall is chosen, and no changes are made, then we do not need a deposit.        

Procedure for getting Tattooed 
*  know what tattoo you want-tattoos are not clothing, you can not try it on  
*  make an appointment for a consult
*  gather references, if needed-we do have references here, but not the world 
*  consult with Kerry - make your final decision on your design. Kerry sometimes will give you a choice at your appointment, if he feels the need to try more than one design composition.
*  Make your appointment,  we require a   

                                                                $50 cash deposit for small-medium tattoos                                                                                           $100 cash deposit for large tattoos        

This will go towards the price of your tattoo, unless changes are made after the design has been decided upon, then an additional deposit is needed, and the first deposit is forfeited. Time and craft are not free. NO drawing is done without a deposit.   
If you would like to see your design, before your appointment, you may come in person to see it. We do not let any design leave the shop. No Photos. 
*  Get tattooed

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT GETTING A TATTOO                           

be a pleasant person, even if you have to pretend
ask questions if you don’t know something 
listen to the people who work at the tattoo shop, not your friends or relatives, about any information regarding tattoos
don’t expect every tattoo shop to have the same policies
Be honest about what medications you may be on, it is very important for the outcome of your tattoo. The simplest medication can affect the healing process, and ultimately the appearance of the tattoo
if you are getting words tattooed, make sure you have the correct spelling-any change after the initial design will have an additional deposit added to the price 
DO NOT drink alcohol before getting tattooed-save it for after 

The cost of a tattoo here at Bulldog Tattoo, consists of all the elements of getting your tattoo. The major ones are:
 * the consult

 * the drawing and composition of the design 
 * the actual tattooing

Of course, there are supplies that are needed to draw, and all the sterile implements, and quality ink to tattoo that the real price tag of getting tattooed encompass.

 The deposit is taken to ensure that Kerry is compensated for his time, labor and his knowledge. 
It is NOT for the piece of paper with the drawing. If the design needs to be changed, the original will be destroyed. Kerry does not reuse designs, except upon request, and if it agreed upon by the original client. 
If a client would like a copy of the line drawing after the tattoo is done, they may have it.