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Our hours are when we answer the phone, and walk in to make appointments are welcome.

Call and leave a message, if needed, and we will get back to you.

Sunday & Tuesday:  CLOSED

Monday,Wednesday & Thursday

11 AM - 6 PM

Friday    11 AM - 6 PM

Saturday  11 AM - 3 PM

**Appointments available evenings, and off hours, upon request call


​Located at 9 Kiel Ave, Butler NJ

           ​CALL  973-789-4450

Procedure for getting Tattooed 

1.  know what tattoo you want-tattoos are not clothing, you can not try it on  

2.  make an appointment for a consult
3.  gather references, if needed-we do have references here, but not the world 
4.  consult with Kerry - make your final decision on your design. Kerry sometimes will give you a choice at your appointment, if he feels the need to try more than one design composition.
5.  Make your appointment,  we require a   

                              *$50 cash deposit for small-medium tattoos                                                         *$100 cash deposit for large tattoos        

  This will go towards the price of your tattoo, unless changes are made after   the design has been decided upon, then an additional deposit is needed,      and the first deposit is forfeited. Time and craft are not free. NO drawing is    done without a deposit. No one works for free, we all need to eat.
6.  If you would like to see your design, before your appointment, you may come in person to see it. We do not let any design leave the shop. No Photos. 
7. Get tattooed

Bulldog Tattoo complies with New Jersey state laws for tattooing minors.

*You must be at least 16 years old
*You must have a consent form notarized that your guardian agrees to the tattooing
*You must have your guardian with you at the time of the consult and the tattooing 

We have our own rules for minors getting tattooed. They are:

*You (the minor) must speak for yourself
*The minor must make their own appointment
*Have all disagreements about the tattoo straightened out before coming in for the consult-if there are questions about a design, or anything regarding tattooing ask us about it - do not argue 
*Parents are not always correct when it comes to design ideas, neither is the minor 
*We are not here to side with anyone
*If the guardian does all the talking, we will not continue with the consult
*The guardian cannot have input for exact body placement (general placement should be determined before the tattoo apointment) at the time of the tattoo-it is decided between Kerry and the client 
*Kerry will decide what he is comfortable tattooing on a minor, and make appropriate suggestions